TW: Images of pain.

Warning!! These images could be triggering. Please be careful when viewing them, they are extreme and reflect how I feel when I am triggered myself. Stay safe lovely people. They feature girls in dangerous situations- quite a few are tied up or have their mouths forced open. Please don’t look if that triggers you in any way.

I found these whilst surfing the internet a while ago. I was feeling triggered and a weird thing happened- seeing these made me feel like somebody somewhere understood how awful I felt right then. It was oddly cathartic to feel that way, and I felt less triggered after a while of looking at them.

This is how remembering the rape/s makes me feel. This is how I feel if I’m sniggered at in the street by a group of men, or if someone on the tube brushes by me too close. This is the way I feel now and felt then.

Welcome to my version of hell.


2 comments on “TW: Images of pain.

  1. Horrific. So sorry. No one should be so violated that this represents how they feel.

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