End the archaic rapist-victim marriage law in Morocco!

Imagine you’re sixteen, a big bright world out in front of you. Now imagine that someone rapes and beats you. You report him to the police, but instead of being punished, he is allowed to MARRY you instead.

That’s the current law in Morocco- a law which forced a young woman to kill herself as the only way out. I have signed the petition below- the Moroccan government is voting to possibly change this horrible practice.

Hopefully, with our help, it can end.




Please sign this and share, for the abuse survivors.

Please sign this and share, for the abuse survivors.

I’m sure a lot of you will have heard of the horrific acts the Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins has perpetrated. He should not be allowed the money from the plays of his records, nor should he be allowed money from the record sales, I think. These children he hurt so badly deserve the money to access therapy, or at least a charity that can help them certainly does. I’ve signed, not only because of my experience with assault, but for a wonderful girl on here who survived ritual abuse, and I want those children to be able to slowly heal themselves with expert help.

I hope that there have been no more children damaged by this man, and I hope karma catches up with the sick fiend. I wish that the poor children didn’t suffer as they did, and I wish that they soon learn that not everyone in the world is as callous and cruel as their parents and this evil man.

Peace all.