Yet again I find myself defending myself for having any opinions…

Buckle in, folks: a very angry system brings this to you this evening.
So a family member upset us that badly back in January that we left Facebook for a good long while… We have only just got back on it. I’m on this evening, scrolling along, when I notice a post about the Daily Mail (an English toe-rag newspaper) correlating Ariana Grande’s glitzy (and very elegant) stage outfits with the bombing that occurred at her concert in Manchester. I had reposted it and someone else from my family had commented on it. 

The person was defending the article and saying maybe I shouldn’t jump to conclusions, I should understand that the bomber may have targeted the venue due to her not being as “modest” in her outfit choices as they would have liked. Possibly I should read the article first?

I must also add here that I refuse to read (in paper or online) any form of shit that disgusting rag of a paper publishes. I refuse to give them more money for their twisted, hateful rhetoric coated is a sugary middle-class coating. Fuck. No. I had outlined that in a reply to another comment above this family member’s comment.

You cannot defend that shit. That’s victim blaming and slut shaming. It amounts to saying that if she had worn head to foot baggies and not done her hair or makeup for the concert, then the bomber would not have struck. Erm… Newsflash: when Eagles of Death Metal had their concert attacked, there were no headlines in the Daily Mail picking apart what they wore. Oh, wait, that’s right… They’re men! They don’t need to worry about modesty, that’s only for women! 

I am sick of having my opinions shot down as “harmful to myself” “huge generalisations” “just plain wrong” “ridiculous”, but the people in my family who are voicing their own opinions get to just voice them with no problem whatsoever. No backchat, no repercussions… Just the ability to air an opinion and be taken seriously.

For me, for any of us in this system, there’s been a steady pattern of various family members undermining our right to speak out about our opinions. It’s like they have a problem with us not being Perma-Smile Girl. You know, swallow your pain and depression, never let it out, don’t get angry or vocal because that clearly means that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

More recently, it’s been stuff like, “Hey, I noticed you posted XYZ thing. That might be taken the wrong way. Don’t post it/take it down/why don’t you post more happy things/the past is behind you you have so much to live for…”

Oh. My. Sweet. Gods.

Where do I begin?!

Stop censoring us! Stop it! It’s so unhealthy! Feel free to express your opinion unless it makes us feel bad, in which case please take it down?


You guys here give us so much more room to vent, air our opinions, express ourselves, than our family does. We are really, really done with the constant crap that comes of trying to be ourselves with them. We almost wanted to delete our Facebook, but from now on… We are just going to post more often about things that we care about and literally the next stupid comment we receive from family is just being deleted or ignored. Not having it.

Sorry for the rant, guys. Hope you’re all having a lovely evening.

Love, all of us x


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