It’s been a very long time…


Time has absolutely flown by. We have moved to live in our own house with the Dutchman- it took a lot of work, but finally we live somewhere that we can call our own. We feel very safe in our new house. The Dutchman put a lock on our bedroom door, which has helped us feel calm and safe. We have control here, and it’s easy to let our guard down a bit and actually let the Dutchman take up some of the slack. He is very good at stopping us from overdoing it, pain wise. 

I can’t remember how much you guys know about our health, but we went to the colorectal specialist, who took one look at our symptoms and said we NEEDED a second gynaecological opinion. A GP from our old practice in the UK also said it was probably still endometriosis. Recently, 27 read an article about endometriosis which suggests that she’s been either lied to by the Doctor that performed her surgery, or that the Doctor was just not trained to look for endometriosis. Apparently, there are way more places that it can hide and if you’re not a specialist, you probably won’t know what to look for. Combine that with the fact that when we had our laparoscopy, the whole process literally took 20 minutes from being put under to waking up, plus the fact that there was a student in… Yeah. The picture ain’t pretty. 
27 finally has had the courage to admit that she needs help badly – our pain levels are pretty awful right now, and we have struggled to walk, nearly thrown up from the pain, had issues eating and sleeping because it’s been so bad, and finally, the last straw has been this week. I basically have had to watch her have absolutely no energy, be in a LOT of pain, struggle to bend down and fix her shoes because it hurts so much. We think she has another cyst. 

Our body hurts so much but she hurts more and we are all worried for her. Nineteen wrote most of this post, but I, 16, wrote the rest. We haven’t been around because we have been so busy, but we have also been caring for 27. She’s upset and hurting. If you guys who follow her have any advice for her, please drop us a comment. We have health insurance now, so hopefully we will get the care we need. 

We love you guys. Thank you for sticking around for the ride. Hopefully, the next bit of the journey will be less sad. 

Lots of love, sixteen and nineteen. X

(Have apology pups too!)


6 comments on “It’s been a very long time…

  1. TradeRoutz livingStyle says:

    Hey 27, don’t be sad or afraid, because nothing can hurt you ever again. Let The Dutchman call for a second opinion, due to your pain and worry, and have him insist on you having strong painkillers until they sort whatever is wrong, out.
    It’ll be ok sweetie, just don’t be afraid.
    Bi love ❀️😘🌹

    • Thank you!! So much! I’m so happy you wrote this. I feel like it may be a huge asset, having him on our side. We had a problem with our mortgage and he fixed it. I think this time, there may be hope. X

      • TradeRoutz livingStyle says:

        Yes, leave this to The Dutchman. If he takes control, and you trust him, then you can safely let go. All is well hunny. ❀️🌈🌹

  2. manyofus1980 says:

    hi lovely, my blog has gone private but I still want you as a reader it is her go request access

  3. I was literally just thinking about you when the email notification popped up!
    I’m glad you’re still here, but so sorry you’re hurting so much 😦 Sending long-distance hugses

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