Do you know what really grinds my gears!? TW: Religion

(With apologies to Family Guy for nicking the quote! Religion mentioned, be careful).


So I use Moodscope to help map my moods. Everyone in the system likes it because it helps us realise where we are with our moods and even gives suggestions for how to help lift them. That’s awesome. Sixteen wishes she had something like that when it was her, back when our body was 16, too. She feels like she might have been able to identify when she was heading for a crash and could have stopped it from being so bad.

Moodscope has a blog, which we get every day, straight to our inbox. They’re amazing. Sometimes, they make the difference between a bad day and a better one. The one problem is, they forget about trigger warnings!

This morning, one came through which we liked, but then BOOM. Religion gets mentioned- Christianity specifically. Cue scrolling frantically past the bible verses and feeling stupid, upset and slightly panicky.

Moodscope, I think, makes this mistake because quite a lot of people see religion as benign and helpful. It’s meant to be a guiding force, something to comfort and protect. Moodscope doesn’t know that religion has a damaging power above just making people feel a bit guilty for sinning.

In some cases, religion damages people so badly they will never be the same again. We know all about that and how one small thing written about Revelation can have us feeling frightened within seconds.

Our plea to Moodscope, and any other blog/info post, for that matter, is PLEASE put a trigger warning for religion. People like us will thank you.


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