Bisexual relationships- how to get it right.

The girl that we dated sadly was the reverse of this. I feel like she never knew that she was being abusive, but she was damaged by her previously abusive relationship and the loss of her father when she was young.


It’s sad that bi erasure still exists. #StillBi


3 comments on “Bisexual relationships- how to get it right.

  1. Bradley says:

    The title says, ” A Good Lesbian Ally,” but this gay man learned a thing or two. Thank you for sharing the link.

    • Aw! Well I’m glad it helped. Bi erasure got so bad at one point that 26 decided she wasn’t allowed to say that she was bi. That’s over with now! x

      • Bradley says:

        We have an excellent program at my church where we teach sex, sexuality, sexual identity and relations. As part of the program we teach in depth about bisexuality and usually have a bisexual come into the class and speak with them (we do the same with gays and transsexuals) It’s wonderful for the kids who ask many questions. It makes me proud to be involved in a church with such an excellent program.

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