Re Blog: The Big Bi Elephant in the Room

Cannot agree more!


Black Man Leather JacketBisexuality is often attacked with a lot of huge misconceptions. Funny thing is, bisexuals are even the black sheep of the LGBTQA community. Part of the reason bisexuality gets such a bad rap and why so many are afraid to identify as such is because it’s associated with many negative connotations:
1. Bisexuals are confused.
2. Bisexuals can’t be faithful
3. Bisexuals are greedy/sluts
4. Bisexuality is a cop-out/phase
5. Everybody is bisexual (biggest lie since the tooth fairy)
6. Bisexuals spread more sexually transmitted diseases
7. Bisexuals are deviants

The list goes on and on. But bisexual BLACK men get the worst end of the deal. They suffer the most, as in the Black community your manhood is often determined by how many women you can bed. Being gay in the black community automatically, unfortunately, puts you on the low end of totem pole. I know, it’s shameful. Also…

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