Tennis Balls are not JUST for Tennis.

At last, some extra help with the pain! The sports massage therapist in me tells me that starting on tennis ball massage and stretching again will help quite a bit. At least it will help all of us stay sane til our next appointment. Thank you so much!


Hello everyone! Today’s tip is for those of you with tight, sore muscles that keep you in pain and away from sex. I could spend pages writing on just this topic, but for the sake of keeping things simple, to the point, and easy to understand, I hope you will find this sufficient!

Last week I woke up, turned to get out of bed and felt extreme pain. It felt like the top of my spine at the base of my neck was going to pop out of place, combined with insane tightness in my shoulders and the muscles of my upper back. After carefully getting out of bed and doing some research I discovered I had a rhomboid/trapezius spasm. (If you’re curious I urge you to look it up!)

Thankfully my lovely boyfriend was able to go to the store on his break and buy me this cheap (1.99$)…

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