TW: (Possibly) Cyst-related news and explanations

So, for those of you who are kind of new to this blog, I’ll give you a brief run down of what’s going on. The trigger warning is there just in case anyone has issues with medical stuff. Also, for anyone who is really new, we are multiple, and have a fiancé


So, basically, I last had these cysts pop up in August 2015. I wrote a detailed post on it, have a browse through the archives. The cysts were found on a scan, and I was told that they would go away by themselves. I was supposed to wait and have another scan to check they’d gone. I never had the follow-up scan done- we missed the appointment.

This episode started in May, one of our worst trauma months. We were eventually admitted to hospital and had to have an internal exam, which was stressful and very upsetting. Luckily, we seem to not be experiencing any further psychological effects from that, possibly because the Dutchman was there, holding our hand and letting us know we were ok. He has been incredible.

In hospital, we had a scan, which showed there was a cyst- it was nearly 6cm long. We had felt there was something wrong and hadn’t had a good appetite in ages, which has had an impact on us now- we have lost muscle on our legs.

The hospital and the staff seemed to want to tell us that the pain we were in would go because the cyst was normal. They couldn’t figure out why we were in pain and blamed it on our monthly cycle, which is bullshit because we are on the pill…

They dismissed us and our pain summarily, because apparently the cyst would go and we would be fine. We were discharged with painkillers and told to go home and wait.

So we have waited.

Contradictory things we have been told include the following:

“The hospital isn’t what emergencies are for, that’s what A and E is for.”

“A and E isn’t for emergencies, you need to go to your GP for immediate help.”

“Why haven’t you gone to the hospital? We at the GP surgery aren’t here for emergencies. A and E is for emergencies.”

“If you’re in pain, go to A and E. They are for emergencies.”

“Ring your doctor and make an appointment, they will help you. Ringing here at the hospital won’t help you.”

A and E: “We can’t do anything to help you.”

GP: “We can’t do anything to help you.”

Hospital: “We can’t do anything to help you.”


What do you guys think we should do next?

We have been on all of these medicines, at one point or other…








We are on Loestrin 20, which is a birth control pill. That’s a combined one. We have been on Progesterone Only Pills before this one.

We wondered whether anyone out there has any advice, because we have really got no idea what to do next. Our scan is on the 27th, and our follow up appointment is on the 28th.

We would love answers.


2 comments on “TW: (Possibly) Cyst-related news and explanations

  1. I have been following your saga, and I can relate. I am a little older than you are (about twice your age, actually), but I have been through much of what you have. I have endometriosis as well as polycystic ovarian syndrome, which sounds like what you may have. I have cysts on both ovaries, which cause me extreme pain. I suspend my period by using the Pill all the time and only have a period once a year as a result. I also have PTSD thanks to an abusive ex, and am a multiple rape survivor. I cannot have children because of all the bullshit I have experienced, both physically and psycholocially. I feel your pain so fully when you write about it. I just want you to know that you are not alone and that I, for one, am sending you good thoughts, hope, and you are in my prayers. Hang in there. ~Scarlet

    • Thank you so much! I am so sorry for what you had to go through, and am amazed by how strong you are. I’ve been wondering about PCOS and also endometriosis for a while- turns out my cousin had PCOS, she seems to be ok at the minute though. I’m going to tell them at my consultation after my scan that I suspect I have endometriosis and watch them scramble to deny it, but I feel validated by what you wrote. Thank you so so much. x

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