Reblog: I’m finally 18! Here’s what I’ve learned

These are brilliant life lessons. Not my post originally!


Having suffered from anxiety and depression for so long, I NEVER thought I’d make it to my 18th birthday. Suicide was always on my mind or I always thought that my father would end my life before it. But here I am! Healthy and feeling grateful to be alive.
So I thought I’d share with you 18 things I’ve learned in my 18 years of living:

  1.  Speak to yourself as you would speak to your best friend
    When I recognised how horribly I was critiquing myself in my head constantly, it shocked me. I thought, if I’d never speak to my friends like that then why I would I speak to myself like that?
  2. Rejection isn’t always personal
    When I confessed to my crush  that I liked him, he rejected me. Not because there was something wrong with me, but because he wanted to focus on his career instead of than love at this time…

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6 comments on “Reblog: I’m finally 18! Here’s what I’ve learned

  1. manyofus1980 says:

    my blogs gone private. would still love you to be able to read it. go here to request access. once i approve you you’ll need to go back into the site and hit the follow button to recieve posts via email. xx

  2. dazedandlost says:

    I am so glad you made 18. Way to go. You have already defeated half your demons. I know how hard it is to have to face your demons and live to tell about it. And WOOHOO here you are not only talking but reasons to celebrate. YEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

    • This was written by someone who has turned 18, I turned 18 a while ago. I truly believe that what she learned is amazing. I’m still shocked I made it to 18 though, so thank you 🙂 x

      • dazedandlost says:

        awesome 18 is a good age and I hope you experience it well. Keep writing. Sorry I am late to reply but I have been doing a lot of writing and it sometimes takes an emotional toll on me. Buy I am glad for you

      • I wouldn’t say I had defeated any of my demons yet- I feel like I smash them down, only for them to come back. I turned 18 years ago, but I wish I could go back in time and fix my life back then. Hope you’re ok x

      • dazedandlost says:

        I am. And feeling much stronger with each time u see my psychiatrist. I know I have gotten a lot stronger the past few years

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