TW: No help from anyone

Just a word of advice- don’t get sick in the UK. Just don’t. I am not allowed a second opinion of the golf-ball sized cyst on my ovary, I’ve been told to go to the GP if it gets worse or stays the same. The GP today then told me that I should go back to hospital with the cyst and parroted the same thing as everyone else- apparently this will go on its own.

I can’t fucking work! All of us are in horrible pain. We used a wheelchair to get around last week. We can barely walk unless we use a cane. We are feeling sick a lot, we don’t want to eat, we are tired after a tiny bit of exercise…

But no, apparently we are just a set of ovaries and might want kids some day, so there will be no surgery to remove something that is fucking up our life RIGHT NOW.

Don’t get sick in the UK, just don’t.


2 comments on “TW: No help from anyone

  1. manyofus1980 says:

    so sorry to read this! they should remove it! its just terrible that they wont. xoxo

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