This piece of writing really got to me. (TW for mentions of rape and abuse)

So, it’s been a while since I last posted, but it is luckily due to me being very happy, balanced, and stable. I should have known that this is how it would be with the Dutchman. He is a positive influence, a bright spark. I’m always being asked if I’m ok with whatever we are doing, and he takes care of my anxiety quite often by telling me I can conquer it, that I’m amazing. It helps immensely to have him with me. He boosts my confidence.

Ok, trigger warning! The piece of text I’m writing about talks about rape prevention and how bullshitty it is, and about how men don’t do anything to prevent themselves from being assaulted… Yet, somehow, women have to. Stay safe everyone. I also briefly mention my abusive ex, but not for long.

What I wanted to talk about today was this, however. This piece of text was on a social media site I’m on, and I had to read it a good few times. It is true. I used to do all those things on the list- thumb over the bottle neck at parties, sticking with a friend when out, walking down the road with my keys in my fist- never once realising that the real danger lurked behind my door at home.

I wonder what would happen if men had to walk the street in fear like that, jumping at shadows, at a second pair of footsteps behind? What if they had to watch their drink in a pub, looking out for weird people hovering near their table? I wonder how they would feel if they constantly, constantly had eyes in the back of their heads?

That will never happen.


3 comments on “This piece of writing really got to me. (TW for mentions of rape and abuse)

  1. manyofus1980 says:

    your spot on, that will never ever happen, its sad really, women live in so much fear… xx

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