The universe and its plans…

I always thought the universe had a sense of humour, but this is crazy…

I have been in reaching distance of happiness, of having a life that should move, and been terrified to embrace it. I will be happy- I’m trying to grab it now. There’s been such pain with ending thing with J. I have hated myself and been shackled by guilt and agony, but I am trying not to be like that.

The clear path? I’m not sure I’m brave enough to talk about it yet. Things are still stormy and I don’t want to provoke the hornets’ nest again.

All I can say is that for two years, it’s been just out of sight, at arm’s length, beside me or with me when I didn’t have a clue it was there myself. It’s holding me tighter than ever.

I’ll explain in better detail soon, I promise. For now, just know I’m safe, I’m happier, and I keep seeing rainbows everywhere.


2 comments on “The universe and its plans…

  1. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    Safe and happy is a good place to be in. Enjoy the present and don’t worry too much about the future.

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