A message for the creepers out there.

UPDATE: I seem to have a text from him now as well…


So A contacted me again. This during a tough time in my life- I’m on a manic comedown, and it’s busy trying to beat the shit out of me. Thing is, this time I seem to be managing it better.

I have a little message for the creepers that try and follow me. I have them on a photo application, dropping weird comments on my pictures, and believe me- I don’t do selfies. Other people have to take a picture of me before I’ll upload it. I usually post my dog, to be honest.

“Yes, it’s me again, and before you think I’m stalking you-“

Actually mate, you are stalking me. It’s been two years since I last spoke to you, so don’t contact me again clearly left no impression.

So, creepers, here’s the rub:


You do not have permission to fall in love with me. Do not think seeing a pretty picture lets you know who I am or what I’m all about. I do not give my consent to you to spew these bizarre words, to follow me through cyberspace, to ask my real name and tell me you think my personality is beautiful when we haven’t exchanged ten words.


The only people who get to be that close to me are my friends, H, R, J, and my family. They get to say they love me. I know they’re telling the truth.

You on the other hand- you have no clue what I’m really like. Stop telling me you love me when all I’ve ever said to you is ok. I will block, ban, report and delete you. I’ve already had two stalkers and I’m not about to accept a third.


There is no excuse for your ludicrous behaviour. I am not about to tolerate any more of it. I’m too nice- I’ll sit there feeling uncomfortable for hours, letting you spout your weird professions of a love that cannot exist, a one-sided, obsessive, disturbing “love”. You forget I know what real love looks like.


As for you, A- well, I’ll be in contact with the national stalking helpline. Done with your following, your obsessing, and your constant blaming of anyone else but yourself of your bad behaviour.


To all my true followers here, you are all spectacular people who keep picking me up when I have no clue how to continue. You offer advice. You read my blog, humble scratchings in a crazy corner of the internet, and that means more than any bizarre inappropriate confession of love. Thank you.


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