Why I love R.

I have been reading some scary articles. A friend posted an article about a woman with similar symptoms to me who ended up with a rare cancerous tumour.

In a panic, I messaged my best friend and asked her if I was being totally paranoid.

She replied with this.

Me: Also true, I just get scared that I will have my treatment revoked like they tried to do with my promazine, and I know it’s cowardly considering what others are going through but I’m terrified of losing my body and being in pain all the time. I’ve already had that happen once with my back and I don’t want it again. I love exercise and being fit.

Her: No-one will let that happen. Your mum will fight, your dad will fight, your sister will fight and I will fight if you get too tired. No one will take your youth, independence or energy ever. We won’t let them, ever. It’s your human right.

They won’t take it from you, or they’ll have an army of furious people who won’t back down. I’ll use all my skills and contacts and the world will know if you get denied treatment, because that is not on. If you are diagnosed with an illness and put in a box that is deemed beyond help, so help them.

I love you. Never challenge a love for someone. You will lose. End of.


And that, my friends, is why R is one of my best friends ever. ❤


2 comments on “Why I love R.

  1. blahpolar says:

    She’s fabulous! You also gotta remember though, that when someone has great friends, I’ve that, they’re a damn fine person themselves.

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