Mondays are a struggle.

Why do I find Mondays so hard?

I dislike waking up and realising that I have a whole week of pulling myself through whilst fighting my own head. Dissociation, avoidance, sadness… I have no pride in myself today and I feel stupid that I’m not handling things well today. I also feel guilty that I am still in my pyjamas and haven’t done anything yet.

I don’t like how I feel and I wish that I didn’t have to feel this way.


8 comments on “Mondays are a struggle.

  1. Hey, i get that feeling. Message me if you like, on kik xxxx

  2. I hear you honey, god knows I hear you xx

  3. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    Try not to focus on the whole week but break it down to ‘what do I need to do today?’ Also set daily goals for yourself so that there is a sense of accomplishment (and self reward). Doesn’t have to be anything major, just focus on the little achievements. Take care!

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