Some nights…


Some nights, despite the crippling anxiety, you manage to have fun.

Some nights, even though you fear getting to sleep, you still smile because there is a sleeping dog in your arms pretending she’s a baby.

Some nights, there’s nothing like sinking into a warm American drawl on the other end of the phone and talking about crazy shit, like exploding chestnuts and peanuts actually being related to peas and beans.

Some nights, friends drop you a line to say they miss you, or ask your advice. Maybe they even call round out of the blue, or message you to say they might be helping a friend to look after their horse and would you like a free riding lesson in that case?

Some nights, you indulge the smaller, younger parts of yourself by watching endless cute dog videos, or a favourite childhood film. You need the comfort, after all.

Some nights, despite it all, life is good. Keep fighting, everyone.


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