storm’s centre.

Having serious problems dealing with the depression that’s finally hit me since I realised what was going on with the biting. I’m on the floor trying to deal with this. I cuddle up to the puppy and pray it goes away. This is crippling.

I feel like J shouldn’t have to be with someone like me. I wish I was less damaged. I know, however, that I have progressed because I want to sit tight and hunker down til it’s all over.

I’ll cuddle the loving dog in my arms and wait for this to pass. Please god not much longer.


7 comments on “storm’s centre.

  1. blahpolar says:

    Hope you’re feeling at least a little better by now.

  2. mckarlie says:

    I’m sorry you’re going through this. If you let it, the despair will eat you up and never let you go. At the first sign of strength dig deep and pull yourself up as much as you can, use any trick you can to just get yourself into a new mindset and not be trapped in a victims perpetual prison of reliving the trauma over and over again. I know it’s hard, I know it hurts but you HAVE to fight, you just have to. Things WILL be better than this, but not until you fight hun.

    • There’s a real storm outside today. It’s almost a comfort- it’s like even the weather is telling me I’m not alone. I have driving today as well so I’m going to use that and other mundane things to keep me grounded til it passes. I also feel comforted that I know it will pass. Even three weeks ago, I would have thought I would never be rid of this feeling. Now at least I know differently. I’m always fighting, don’t worry xx

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