A nice update!

I thought I would let all of you know how I’m doing, seeing as I haven’t been here a lot…

So this week is half term- I have LOVED it. It has been amazing so far. I have next to no energy and I am exhausted, but I am so happy!

I got to finish my massage course on Sunday, which I was so proud of myself for. I now have fifty hours of practical work to do, and an online portfolio of anatomy work amongst other things, and then I will be fully qualified! However, that wasn’t the only good thing about the start of my half term.

As a few of you will remember, I wanted to do the annual Zombie Walk last year, but due to an organisational hiccup I couldn’t go. I was devastated, as I was using it as a foothold in my recovery. This year, however, I managed to go- and what a spectacle it was. I loved every minute and finally got to meet, in the flesh, two people who I was going to go with last year. I’ve been chatting to them for a long while over the internet and I’ve finally met them- they are fantastic people and I was so pleased to do the walk with them.

Halloween is their Christmas, and my friend Sprite and her child Wednesday (after Wednesday Addams) invited me back to their house for fun, games, horror films and Nerf gun wars! The Dutchman and I chatted for a long time, and Sprite’s husband to be, Mr Popular, was a fun part of the celebrations. I can’t help but feel I’ve really fallen on my feet with them- we all have so much in common! I ended up staying over, and didn’t panic too badly at all- I did unfortunately wake up the next morning with a huge gasp for air, but I knew where I was fairly shortly after and I was soon able to go to my driving lesson- the Dutchman took me.

That evening I was back at my friends’ house for more zombie- themed fun- I was helping out with a zombie film! We were submitting a clip for consideration, and had a lot of fun doing it. I did a lot of the makeup and thoroughly enjoyed myself in the process. It was a really fun thing to do and we all really got into it, big time- one of our part ran up and down the stairs before her part in the film so she would be out of breath for her scene! We all loved it.

The Dutchman is sweet about my PTSD and very understanding. He is donating money towards my Go Sober For October challenge, for a local women’s refuge. He remarked on how glad he was that I was able to come and have fun with them all this year, and I wholeheartedly agreed.

Stay tuned- there will be more nice stuff coming soon!


3 comments on “A nice update!

  1. Put me down for free massages.. Just to help you pass your course like.. Nothing personal for me at all 😉 lol… Glad you had fun you deserve it

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