Hello again, America.

So, tomorrow I fly out to America again. I’m so excited to see J, but I’m worried, too. For instance, I’m worried that the security guards will pull me aside and frighten me. I’m anxious that we won’t find J in the massive airport we’re landing in. I’m really frightened that the two hour stopover in a strange airport will upset me, and I’m worried the flight will be tough for my sister. Tomorrow will be stressful enough for my family, but worse for my sister and I- she with her fear of flying, I with my PTSD. I’ll flinch and shake maybe if things don’t go right, and I’m worried about a full-scale meltdown. I hope I’ll get there and be fine- I’ll try and update tomorrow night. Right now, sleep and the last wee bit of packing beckons.


3 comments on “Hello again, America.

  1. Hope says:

    I’m flying tomorrow too, and I’m also anxious. Maybe we can fly together in spirit. I’ll have my phone with me the whole time and one of my flights will have wi-fi, so if you want/are able to, you can email me in route for support/encouragement/whatever. I think you should be able to see my email in my comment, but if you can’t, let me know and I’ll give it to you.

    • Thank you so much for this lovely comment! I think you flying in spirit with me worked, because it went well apart from just one little thing. I was a lot calmer than last year. I hope your flight went well too and you’re there and safe. xx

  2. Cheryel Lemley-McRoy says:

    Eme Elohim will hold you in Her loving and safe arms.

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