Admitted part two.

I get to keep my phone so you can all know what will happen to me. I’ll probably be posting a lot, I feel like your support has been amazing. Thank you all so much.


9 comments on “Admitted part two.

  1. Yay! So glad you are in a safe place! I’m not sure if anyone’s mentioned these to you, but here’s what worked to lessen my PTSD symptoms: Meditation, super healthy and simple diet with minimal sugar or meat, deep belly breathing, constant exercise even when I don’t want to, dancing, making myself watch tons of comedy until I could laugh again (super duper healing powers in laughter), 18 healthy hugs a day, a safe person to talk to and purge the difficult stuff, any kind of art, lots of chamomille tea, lavender everywhere, massage, martial arts/self defense training. I’m not a professional, but it sounds like the trauma has caused a chemical break in your brain- is the dark passenger a physical manifestation of your abuser? I really feel like you will recover, it just takes time and devotion. I’m so glad you are writing about it- more people need to see and understand what it’s like to battle mental illness. You are amazing, you can do it!

    • I think you’re right about my brain- my psychologist and I have been thinking the same thing! I want to start taking self-defense classes, it sounds like that would help with my fear of being attacked. I am doing much better with the help of the wonder drug and the treatment on the ward- i have talked to both staff and patients about how tough this has all been, and I have got help when I’ve needed it. Thank you for your comment- all of them have helped stop me drowning. xx

      • I am so happy to hear that! I’m sorry you went through such a rough patch, and I’m so proud of you for making it out the other side. We all gotta help each other surf the waves instead of drowning 🙂 xoxo

  2. Good. 🙂

    So some tough love now, you are in a good place. Embrace it, take advantage of it. Some things may not be so nice, you are not home, there are rules… but use this time to grow stronger, accept help rather than fighting it. Remember too, nice patients are treated.. nicer, it is human nature. Nice is contagious too.

    It may seem scary, but if you think, it is a safe place, help is so close. Post lots. 🙂 I am very happy you are safe.


    • I took your advice and stuff got better- I had a technology issue but I’ve since posted about that. I can’t believe how far I have come in two weeks, I have needed the hospital and the rest so badly. Thank you for your hugs, your sticking by me, and your help with all sorts xxx

  3. dazedandlost says:

    Yes yes yes laughter is definitely a great medicine. I don’t know if you guys have it there but a (adult) cartoon called Dr. Katz about the life of (are you ready?) it’s the wacky life of a psychiatrist and his 21 years old son Ben. They have lots go tv and movie stars doing cameos. You can then be in a session and look at your psychiatrist and just laugh when it gets tough. And if you don’t have it I can send it to you. Let me know. I’m glad your in a place that will help you

  4. dazedandlost says:

    hey have you had time to look for “Dr. Katz?” the wacky show to make you laugh. I really want to haear taht your laughing.

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