My Mind Is Made Up

Nothing more to say, this is my brain too.

Go Go Logophile!

My mind is a clever thief
It steals memories from itself
and can make day seem like night
It is a magician
It does hat tricks
It’s a master of illusion
And I am just the audience

My mind is a sopping, wet sponge
Drenched and running over with information
An encyclopedia
Of the morbid and the strange
It’s a fast judge
It abhors the mundane
And likes to ‘liven things up a bit’

My mind is a puzzle, unsolved
A labyrinth that I wander in, lost
Now and then, I run into other versions of me
They are also trapped inside the maze
Together, we try to figure it out
Until we clash like dogs fighting over steak
And we scatter in all directions, still lost

My mind is a devious machine
It’s my own and even I don’t know it’s plans
It is demanding and has sets of…

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One comment on “My Mind Is Made Up

  1. manyofus1980 says:

    This was really good! Thanks for sharing it! XXX

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