Scar pain, and contentedness.

I’m not sure if this is possible, but my left arm has been hurting all day- more specifically, my scars have been hurting all day. Is it possible for phantom pain to occur in scars?

My head is full of emotional scars, too. I’m not doing too badly at all today, but I am beginning to feel nervous again for therapy.

I also managed to stand up for myself again on Facebook- someone decided to call suicide weak. I had to tell them it isn’t weak- it is something that happens when life is too much.

Weirdly enough, I’m content today. I have a sleeping puppy on my knee, and a sense that maybe, hopefully, things may eventually be ok.

  1. I like this feeling. I want it to stay.




2 comments on “Scar pain, and contentedness.

  1. Content is good. I hope this feeling stays!

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