Another post about force

This is so true, it stings like there is salt in a wound.


Re-reading this, I feel like I wasn’t as clear as I wanted to be in explaining the threatened and implied force that motivates a rape victim to cooperate during a “non-violent” rape attempt.

I started thinking about when I was a kid taking martial arts classes. My sensei frequently took the girls aside and talked to them about things he obviously thought were more relevant to us. For example, we learned long before the boys different moves to execute when you are pinned to the ground, and we were occasionally taught lethal or extremely injurious manuevers that were otherwise only taught to the adults. He didn’t make direct reference to why he was teaching us these things, but said things like, “If a man has you pinned to the ground,” or “If there is no other way to get away.”

He also taught us about body language, and how…

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