Psychosis & Secrets

Do you know what? This lady here hits it right on the head!! Brilliantly written and applicable to a lot of mental illnesses. Seriously, the time has come for a shake-up in the way the medical profession likes to diagnose and record “disorders”. Personally, I think I have reactions to the outside world (and sadly, men) that are damaged because of bad experiences. I personally think I can heal from that, and whilst I may never be rid of the voices, I will be able to deal better with them IF I AM GIVEN THE CHANCE. Not rocket science.

Holding my childhood to ransom

I’m sitting on the pavement outside my car, waiting for the RAA to come and deal with the keys locked inside. I’ve just been to Sound Minds, our local South Australian Hearing Voices Group. I love getting along to this one.

We had a pretty full room. At one stage someone was chatting away and one of the members got the giggles. Everyone was trying to listen and keep a straight face. One by one more and more of us succumbed until we had to stop the conversation to laugh. A good belly laugh, about nothing at all. These beautiful people ground me.

I told them my good news, that my GP is on board with my unconventional approach to psychosis. A couple of us chatted about how destructive the idea of schizophrenia can be, life long illness, life long medications, being forced to confront your new reality in the…

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