Fuck you NHS.

Let me tell you one thing.
Don’t ask for help.
No one in the NHS is willing to help.

Yep, I’ve been discharged. They told me to self refer to some bullshit self help group.

That’s it.

I am probably going to end up dead in the next few years, so I’m not going to the NHS again. I’ll be helping myself. If I fail and the voices win, at least I tried harder than these so called doctors.


12 comments on “Fuck you NHS.

  1. So I am a little behind here. Did they say why they discharged you? Can you appeal? Never give up! Did they recommend a group to you?


  2. moodymandi says:

    My spirit is like a caged animal, seeking a way out within the confinements of my body-I too am going through a crazy time…my heart is with you, you are in my thoughts and prayers. x

  3. Lucy says:

    These people are disgusting. I’m so sorry to hear you are being “treated” in this way. Sending you lots of hugs xxx

  4. AA.KK says:

    yes indeed, fuck the nhs. Bunch of overpaid euthanizers.

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