Mental health assessment time again.

Right now, I’m waiting for a mental health assessment. London has chosen to be kind and offer me help here, so I am seizing it with both hands. I’ve had quite a nervous time getting here and I’m shattered from lack of sleep and battling through the wind and rain.

I want to ask them to fix me. Let’s hope they get the message- my personality has not caused my abuse. My abuse caused bad reactions to life. I will be telling them that.

Wish me luck folks. I have to sit in a room with two men and talk about my assault. This could be a huge trigger.


7 comments on “Mental health assessment time again.

  1. moodymandi says:

    You will do just fine. Just have faith. You are in my prayers right now, God bless you today! ❤

  2. Howisbradley says:

    You’ll be in my thoughts today

  3. invisible_em says:

    Ooh 😦 please take care. xx

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