It’s time to listen to me.

I have learned several things from yesterday’s upset:
a) that you guys on here are great. You were all here when I needed you most, giving me help and support, and practical advice.
b) that EUPD/BPD is probably the wrong diagnosis, but given time with my therapist, it will hopefully change,
c) that J is incredible. Really and truly, he is amazing. I was in floods on the phone to him last night, and as usual he had me calmer just by hearing that wonderful voice of his,
d) that I still get to change psychiatrists, even after this one being the second one I didn’t get on with.

I’m still upset today. The criteria for EUPD/BPD are so unfair and derogatory. I can’t believe the medical profession still considers this a legitimate personality disorder. I am inclined to think it’s a diagnosis given to whoever doesn’t quite fit the bill, as I’ve previously said, and I feel so awful for anyone else “diagnosed” with this bullshit. I feel all the diagnosis does it trick women into believing every bad thing ever said about them- “you’re unstable, you’re crazy, you’re a selfish bitch, you have no clue what you’re doing in life and you will NEVER get better.”

Medical/psychiatric doctors are behind THIS!? They actually believe in that?!?! Dear gods, no wonder EUPD/BPD women kill themselves frequently! Imagine being told you will NEVER be listened to because of something a fool once wrote on a piece of paper about you. You would want to die too.

Not me, however. I won’t accept this, and I will get a proper diagnosis.

It’s time to listen to me now. I’ll be speaking for anyone who has been lumped into this fallacy with me- you are not alone, and I am going to try and help you.


One comment on “It’s time to listen to me.

  1. I wrote a blog today about the governments mental health budget cuts. I ranted a lot actually. I stated that “we” are being passed from one person to the next because of these cuts. That they can’t afford to treat us ect. I think that’s what a lot of this is…. “oh, we don’t have enough money for this person. Let’s say this is wrong and send them someone else.”

    I am massively fed up of the Mental health services in England. David Cameron just may as well push all us ‘nutters’ in front of a train and be done with us

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