Friends. And I’m ok, thank gods…

I am very lucky to have my friends.
Z has spent hours on the phone to me, helping me out, asking me to move in with her, and letting me sleep in her front room. She has yelled at the voices for me and she did so again, this morning when I was literally about to take a knife to my wrist.

The part of me that is still sad wonders why she bothers. Then I read my messages from J, the comments left on my blog, and the messages from my parents and sister. I am so glad I have friends and family like this, and so grateful that you all see in me the girl I used to be.

She’s in here still, trying to get out.


6 comments on “Friends. And I’m ok, thank gods…

  1. Yes she is. Never push away those that will help you either. Because that girl we see … she is going to come out again.

  2. Its when you’re in tough times that you learn your real friends. I have leant that, and although it hurts, it’s a positive

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