Psychology #3 and psychiatry…

I went to my last appointment with the psychologist yesterday.

I was having a really bad day. Non stop voices from the minute I woke up, a low mood to start with because of a disappointment the night before, and I was still feeling bad about my future. So it wasn’t surprising that by the time I got in I burst into tears.

She knew that I was bad because I would barely speak properly or look her in the eye. I was trying so hard to fight them and get them to shut up, but they were laughing and I had to tell them to shut up in front of the psychologist.

She was really good with me, and tried to bring me back to the office by telling me what would be happening with my referral and trying to bring my attention to my present situation.

She says it will be necessary for me to go and get re assessed by the psychiatrist because of my symptoms, and the fact that last time I wasn’t treated well. I have to wait a week, and then I will have my appointment.

I’m worried that in the meantime i won’t cope. I have J and my family and friends, and I will ask them for help if it all goes wrong again.

Wish me luck.


11 comments on “Psychology #3 and psychiatry…

  1. Take care! Sometimes a new doctor helps, fresh eyes. 🙂

  2. What did the last assessment say could be the cause?

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