Go die in a hole, dark passenger.

Is this going to last? I bloody hope so.

I had a morning of the dark passenger’s spiteful voices whispering filth into my ear. I was getting angry, and what pushed me over the edge was the minute my mum left me alone in the house-
“Right, now stop fucking ignoring us and go and cut.”

I flipped. I started yelling at them. I swore so much a sailor would have blushed. I threw their own filth at them and made sure that I gave as good as I got. I told them they were a bunch of goddamned fucking liars who deserved to be eradicated from existence, and I was better than them. I told them they had no fucking right to tell me to die.

I also told them that they should be scared of me, because I have the power to silence them forever.

They had been arguing back pretty strongly but at that they were deadly silent. I knew I had hit a nerve, so I started being as cruel to them as they are to me. They faded and shut up after that, and then my mum came home to pick me up and take me out.

I am ecstatic. This is the first time I have ever been able to shut them up by myself. I am under no illusions as to being able to repeat this every time they attack me, but I know now it can be done.

Fuck you, dark passenger.


5 comments on “Go die in a hole, dark passenger.

  1. leftylola says:

    Fuck yeah! This was awesome.

  2. Well done Beth 🙂 so proud of you, need to follow in your footsteps me thinks

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