Breaking the habit

I have not cut in a week. My skin has healed. I found my old blade in my journal tonight and snapped it in two in a fit of “fuck-you-ness” towards the dark passenger.

I don’t want to die. I am home now, and I want to be alive to see J when he comes to visit. I am ringing the psychologist in the morning.

J said that the voices are a representation of all the bad things I have had said to me, and another friend I have been talking to recently feels the same. I know that she has just been through a very tough time herself, and I want to thank her for her help. It’s been invaluable.

I am going to draw J’s butterfly on again, and Y’s, and keep going. I am going to beat this. I will ring H tomorrow as well and try and keep going to fix my head.

I don’t want to die. Not right now.


4 comments on “Breaking the habit

  1. leftylola says:

    Sending love your way. ❤

  2. What a lovely positive post…I know it must be hard, but I agree with what you said…you will beat this! Keep fighting the good fight!

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