Am I your face of mental illness, Mr News Anchor?

So I read this and wanted to scream. If it had been a story about a poor waify girl committing suicide, or a handsome man jumping from a building, there would have been no mention of them being the face of mental illness. They would have been normal people for whom life had got the better of them, instead of a girl with anorexia who’s condition had finally got the better of her, or a man who suffered from crippling schizophrenia and the voices had finally got too much.

I ask this news anchor to come and read our blogs- us “normal” folk here. I challenge him to tell me, after reading our catalogue of woes, that the bastard who hurt those women is still the face of mental illness.

I’d bloody well tell him to buck up his ideas, the prejudiced git, and open his eyes and heart to the real faces of mental illness- yours, mine, and his. He has probably had something without knowing it, whether it be depression or insomnia.

Books and covers, yeah?

A Call For Support.


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