Finally! Good news!

So, I finally got my letter to ring the psychologist for an appointment, and I made one- next Tuesday at 9.30. I am beyond relieved about this, because I know cutting to numb any emotion is so not the answer.

I’m starting to panic about my holidays. I know we’re going to Florida this year, which means bikinis. I know for a fact my scars will be revealed by the some of them, and I feel terrible coz I haven’t told my parents I haven’t quite managed to not cut. I think they think I have ‘cured’ it because my wrists are only scarred. I haven’t cured it. It’s just hiding elsewhere.

How is the rest of the family going to react my scars?


9 comments on “Finally! Good news!

  1. Scarred says:

    I am glad you made the appointment and I look forward to the post following to see how it goes…
    As for the scars and your upcoming holiday… well, I am not sure how your family will react. All I can say is I don’t see your cutting as a “weakness”. I see it as your way to cope. I am not fond of it, especially after what has happened to me and I know how much it would bother me if one of my children or family members turned to cutting to cope, but I also understand that each person copes in their own way. For some, it’s cutting. For others, drugs or alcohol. Working out. Screaming at the top of their lungs. Physically or mentally abusing others. There’s all kind of coping. It takes a certain strength to admit that life is hard and you are doing the best you can. I would say to just face your family head on. If something is said, admit you are are seeking help. They are family. If they can’t understand, well, in all honesty, it’s really not for them to understand. You have to live your life and deal with your issues in a way that works for you. You are going for help. Take pride in that and let the rest roll off your back.

    • Thank you so much for what you wrote. I really hope that the psychologist helps me sort out my issues… there’s so many of them all festering in my brain. I will be honest with my family- they deserve that from me for sure.

      • Scarred says:

        You are quite welcome. Never be ashamed of who you are. Believe me, people will either accept you for who you are, or not. No sense in hiding it. Better to have the people around you who love and accept you regardless of your scars. Those are the keepers. Some mat not accept how you cope. Tell them to bug off… Or send em my way. Im sure I can come with some creative and colorful ways to express the same sentiment 🙂

      • Thank you so much! I’ll be sure to send them your way if anyone has anything to say! I wish I didn’t cut, and I wish I had the strength to finally give all my blades over.

      • Scarred says:

        You will. Recovery takes time. Believe in yourself. You have more strength than you know.

  2. Good for you lovely, well done! And get some sun on those scars, always good to get stuff out in the open, and if strangers ask about them, say you have cats. My thighs are covered in claw marks where they’ve leapt off my lap after seeing a bee or something xx

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