I hate you

I hate you, you sick bastard. I hate what you did to me. I live in hell now every day and I have nothing left, not even my pride. You took it all- my virginity, my self-worth, my trust in myself, and left me a hollow, scooped out, bleeding nothing. Why do you get away Scot free and I am left bleeding and alone!?!
Go and fucking die for all I care, but make sure you give me back my heart- you know, the one you stole that was never yours. Whilst you’re at it, apologise to my ex girlfriend, because you helped screw up our relationship even though you weren’t there.
You self-centred bastard. I am a wreck, and it’s all down to you.


4 comments on “I hate you

  1. leporidae93 says:

    That feeling of being totally without self worth, having everything taken away from you. You know you did nothing wrong but at the same time, you feel guilty. How is this fucking fair?!

  2. I feel like these words could have been written by myself. It’s the exact feeling. Such an uplifting feeling to know I’m not alone in my thoughts. X

    • I have so much more to say to that fucker but I an glad that somehow, what I wrote made you feel less alone. Sadly there are many of us survivors out there, but the good thing is that it means we are never as isolated as we think. x

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