So I’m on another batch of sleeping tablets, zopiclone, same as before, and I’m also on citalopram. Nervous as all hell about this- as I’ve never asked for help before, I’ve never been on antidepressants before. My doctor told me that I will feel more depressed before feeling better, so I have a week of hell to look forward to. Wish me luck- I really hope this works. I have got to the point where I’m sick of trying and sick of being on the floor. It’s not like I haven’t tried picking myself up, it’s just that I fail each time. Miserably.

I’ll write the rest of my story in another post.


4 comments on “Results

  1. Howisbradley says:

    Sick and tired of being sick and tired. I wish you the best of luck that these meds work out for you.

  2. Karecares says:

    Wow those are the exact two pills I just got prescribed too. How are you finding them? Hope you get feeling better soon.

    • Hey, that’s really interesting… zopiclone was good to me, I was only taking 3.75mg but it helped me drift off, and I’m finally sleeping without it. My dose of citalopram is a low one, only 10mg, but my GP is raising my dose to20, which is when it starts to take effect… I will let you know how it goes. Best of luck with your dose, I hope it works for you.

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